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Worldwide, people are engaged in craft weaving. It started with ethnic minority and goes nowadays to larger, more automated production units. Involved are also DIY and home craftsman. All involved, they want to produce ethically, no question about it, it’s incubated in the whole idea. One of the reasons is that craft weaving brings us back to our roots. It contains creativity but also conviction. Craft weaving is not just a job, it’s a passion.
Our passion is to bring craft weavers together, creating a place where they can find not only products but where they can communicate with other passionate people. A safe place with no government control, where everyone can feel free. With Woven Stories, we are already some years in action. There was the shop in Ghent, recently transformed into a working studio. Ghent is one of those cities who has a long history of weaving. There are a museum and a weaving training centre. Woven Stories is the selling branch of end products. Products made by tribes and peoples all over the world. Chosen with respect and based on the fair trade principle.
But we wanted more and beginning of 2017, we started with Weave Zone. The first step was restoring used looms, the second step is now in place: selling new looms and its components. Our third activity is the B&B, in the centre of Ghent with 3 rooms. Often we have craftsmen staying in our B&B, but we want to welcome a lot more. Not only as tourists but also as soulmates sharing the same passion.
And the future is on you, all the people who like what we are doing. We will come with new initiatives and we will ask for your commitment creating a new online community. This is not on us, we’ll have to do it together.

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